Solve the problem of official papers for government transactions

Solve the main problems between departments and individuals and rely on a private network to transfer data and adopt it very quickly Project summary This project consists of several basic things , the most important of which is saving time and effort between official departments and individuals , and provides the feature of merging departments between each other . This information includes the daily details that take a long time to complete . This project includes a number of data that would enter the smart circuits in the transfer of information . The first stage is done by collecting data and information from these departments and merging them with each other . This is available for each country separately . This is part of a plan that extends for up to five years until the implementation of this project gradually , and there are great details that I cannot mention at the present time . This topic is broad Too big and for him to use the rest of the time in public life matters 15 % 20 % 20 % 35 % Application plan 10 % 100 % 50 % 0 % visions Everyone will feel the difference in time and money and will feel the importance of a camera and will be completely comfortable that all private information is accessed properly and at any time and all data is linked on a scale that is gradually developed until it becomes a global system LLL Acceptance and rejection ING Objectives Solve problems between individual departments Save time , effort and money Maintain personal data with complete confidentiality Ease of access to any official papers anywhere and ease of transferring data bac betweeri individuals without access to privacy and this system is developed to include all aspects of daily life and this project will be established in The first phases are experimental , then it will be officially launched gradually , and this project will start to launch within 24 months from the s tart date
A network will be launched between official departments and individuals and will be able to accommodate an unlimited amount of data.
This system relies on a special mechanism with multiple orders at one time, in which all data for members and individuals is saved, and communication between official departments is carried out at a large level.
And with this system, the problems of time, speed and accuracy of the transmitted data are solved and guaranteed globally from any tampering and at any time they are accessed correctly.