Developing smart cities and linking them to Web3

Smart cities I will provide a complete system in those cities so that the Internet of Things systems can do their job to the fullest in the prevailing shadow now in the transfer of ordinary cities to smart developed cities , but in the early stages small cities will be established and then applied to the old and then to large cities How much time Often such projects may take a long time , but we are now about preparing the largest amount of this system , and work on it will be done directly Benefits of this project It will provide job opportunities for people who care about intelligence , and we will build a large cadre to develop these cities worldwide What do we hope from that ? We seek to create a complete smart city from foundation . to the end within the scope of the Blockchain network and Web 3 and work to develop it continuously . New in these cities What is new is that it relies on a very smart system that relies on closed networks , which are linked to all the details of daily life . A complete and luxurious life will be provided . great time will be saved in many things , and money will be saved because all devices . operate the smart system . Is this located in a certain place ? No , it will be available in all countries , but we will choose Zula , for example , our country , because it depends on intelligence in most of our daily life so that there is a main base for starting Estonia what to expect We see the world changing very quickly , and we are now making something that is more than ten years ahead . We will present these ideas and projects in a clear vision , and we know very well that they will succeed and powerfully . because time is now the most valuable thing for a person , so we develop everything so that a person can live an easy life until They save time Red Apple introduces smart cities.